Home Photography Google Fiber is set to provide a remarkable 20 Gigabit service at a monthly cost of $250.

Google Fiber is set to provide a remarkable 20 Gigabit service at a monthly cost of $250.

Google Fiber is set to provide a remarkable 20 Gigabit service at a monthly cost of $250.

We thought Google Fiber would be the rescue, but it never was. Although Google’s fiber expansion fizzled out a few years after it started, traditional ISPs started boosting speeds due to its competitive pricing and fast speed, and Google is still pushing the boundaries. Google is now allowing select Fiber customers to test out the new 20Gbps service, following the announcement of 5Gbps and 8Gbps service tiers. Although pricey, it’s probably not as extravagant as you might think.

Nokia’s 25G PON passive optical network (PON) technology serves as the foundation for Google’s 20Gbps service. One of the first providers to offer 25G PON for residential usage is Google Fiber. While implementing this technology will take considerable work, no previously placed fiber will need to be dug up. Google Fiber customers in Kansas City, the Triangle region of North Carolina, Arizona, and Iowa will be the first to receive the upgraded service.

When Google Fiber was arrived, symmetrical 1Gbps fiber was available for an amazing $70 a month. The most expensive Fiber tier, the 20 GB option, will cost $250 per month. The company emphasizes that it has never increased the base pricing and that it is not changing the current plans in any way. $100 is the monthly fee for 2Gbps service, $125 for 5Gbps, and $150 for 8Gbps. While $250 is a significant sum of money, each gigabit is incredibly valuable.

Not only would this quick service be useful for future planning, but it might also come in handy. Google will install the Wi-Fi 7 router along with the 20Gbps service. With a throughput of up to 40Gbps, this new Wi-Fi standard enables compatible devices to access faster internet connections. Wi-Fi 7 devices are still uncommon, though. Not even the most recent iPhone 15 is supported at this time.

A demonstration of Google’s 20Gbps service and customized Wi-Fi 7 router was released online. Although Google acknowledges that no consumer device currently requires 20 Gbps of bandwidth, several clients will eventually require one or more gigabits of bandwidth in the future. In Google’s experiment, several machines were downloading data at a combined rate of roughly 15 Gbps, using one to eight gigabits each. According to Google, the 20Gbps service is the first consumer internet option that can provide numerous clients with multi-gigabit speeds.

Early access is still the only option for the 20Gbps Fiber. You can join the waiting list if you live in a Google Fiber service area. According to Google, installation dates will be set for the beginning of 2024.


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